Jon Oliver

Jon Oliver

Business Development Manager / Investment Manager

08 9277 4200

Jon Oliver is passionate about all facets of the Real Estate Industry, specialising in Business Development Management and Property Management. Jon Oliver strives to achieve the best results and obtain all his client's trust and referrals whist offering the highest quality of customer service to both tenants and owners. Jon prides himself with having good knowledge of the residential tenancy act and with over 15 years of experience in Real Estate you can be assured you are in good hands.

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We appreciate the hard work!

I just want to say well done to Laurie Kelly team especially to Ervina Deng and Jonathan Oliver for sucessfully finding us a tenant within a short period of time, roughly around 2 weeks. We appreciate the hard work and dedication the team have put in. Probably Ervina still remember the day we first spoke on the phone and I was so worried about our property because it has been on the market for a quite some time with another agent and we kept dropping the price but still no interest. We thought all real estate agencies are all the same so we just chose the one with the lowest fee but Ervina was right, what's the point of having low fee if they don't bring business/tenants to you. We are so pleased with how Laurie Kelly handle our property from the very start they hired professional photographer which was so much better than the photos we had previously for the house and the number of times they did home opens so people can view our house also helped a lot. Once again thank you Laurie Kelly, me and my husband Jonny are very happy and looking forward to maintain this relationship with Laurie Kelly. 

- Ardini -

Very Happy With Our Services

We have been renting our property through Laurie Kelly now for a little over 2 years. We are very happy with the services
From Laurie and his team. So if your looking for a property manager. Pop in and have a chat with Laurie and his team.

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Old Fashioned Service

March 2021 - I just wanted to provide some feedback on service I recently received from staff in your organisation.

A big thank you to Jon Oliver for providing fast and efficient service for a rental appraisal letter. Jon went out of his way to look up the property address and kept me informed of progress.
And a special mention to Lilly Li for referring our request to the relevant department so quickly.
Feels like the old fashioned service many organisations fail to provide these days so a big thank you once again.
Warm regards,

Standout Property Managers

May 2020 - I just wanted to give a bit of quick feedback on Jon Oliver who is the property Manager for our rental property and to say that he is a great manager for us, he is very thorough with looking after the property and has a good attention to detail in the reports he does. He is also extremely responsive in his communication which is important for us when we are on the other side of the country. I only own one property in Perth but I have 9 other rental properties in New Zealand and we live in Brisbane, so I have a lot of experience dealing with Property Managers and managing properties from afar so the good Property managers really standout from the others and are strong assets which make my job and life easier. Jon is one of these Standout Property Managers and it is great working with him.

Thanks, Kind Regards,

Informative and Helpful

May 2020 - To date I am happy with Jonathan’s communication and assistance. I would surely like a tenant asap, however, I am happy with Jonathan’s service. He has been informative and helpful and is good at his responses regarding feedback to questions, emails etc. 


Service Provided by Laurie Kelly has been Exceptional!

May 2020 - Since purchasing a property in 2001(ish), with the exception of a short break, I have been living outside of Australia. During this time, Laurie Kelly has managed the rental of the unit on my behalf. The service provided by Laurie Kelly has been exceptional and I have been delighted with the level of support given. Never more so than now as we are all experiencing difficult times. Over the years, all of your staff have been responsive to my requests for help which is very much appreciated. Living overseas and relying on others to manage the property requires trust, and this has never been an issue between us. In Particular, I would like to single out Jon Oliver as being outstanding. The last tenant in the unit was particularly troublesome with payments. But, with guidance of Jon, the issue was managed to a mutually beneficial resolution. Please pass on my thanks to Jon on my behalf and I hope to continue to receive and appreciate his advice and assistance going forward. I should mention that I have other properties outside of Perth and the management of those has never been as reliable as Laurie Kelly. In conclusion, please accept my gratitude and thanks for a job well done. Many thanks and warm regards, 

- Brian -

Contactable, Friendly and Knowledgeable

May 2020 - Just want to acknowledge Jon Oliver as my property manager. I have two properties which Jon manages and he has been my property manager for years, it has always been great dealing with Jon. He is contactable, friendly and knowledgeable (about the property market). I think he also has a good rapport with the tenants, which is a bonus in this industry. I would like to commend him on the things he did for us, especially when our tenant was in arrears. He followed up with me and kept me up to date. One of the properties are going to be vacated soon, and I have no doubt he will find us good tenant in due time (without gap, hopefully). Keep up the great work, Jon! You have a great worker there! 

- Jumi -

An Amazing Team

May 2020 - My property manager is the lovely Jon Oliver. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for his help, his kind heart and always trying to help to sort out any problem we have. He is always really polite, calm and always so efficient when it comes to inspections. He has great communication with the landlord and us. We recently needed a lot of paperwork and he was always there to answer any questions and gave us the the required information.
I am always greeted in a professional and friendly manner when I either call or enter the office. And last but not least. You are running an amazing team of staff at your office and I am happy to have been renting with you for the past 11 years, Kindest regards.

- Sabine -

Great Work

May 2020 - Just like to say thank you to Jon and the team for the great work you are doing. Keep safe

- Steve -

Helpful & Courteous

May 2020 - Hi, We are currently renting a property. Our property manager is Jon, I would like to say how helpful and courteous he has been. 

- Mick -