Well done to the Laurie Kelly team!

Dear Laurie Kelly team, 

I just want to say well done to Laurie Kelly team especially to Ervina Deng and Jonathan Oliver for sucessfully finding us a tenant within a short period of time, roughly around 2 weeks. We appriciate the hard work and dedication the team have put in. Probably Ervina still remember the day we first spoke on the phone and I was so worried about our property because it has been on the market for a quite some time with another agent and we kept dropping the price but still no interest. We thought all real estate agencies are all the same so we just chose the one with the lowest fee but Ervina was right, what's the point of having low fee if they don't bring business/tenants to you. We are so pleased with how Laurie Kelly handle our property from the very start they hired professional photographer which was so much better than the photos we had previously for the house and the number of times they did home opens so people can view our house also helped a lot. Once again thank you Laurie Kelly, me and my husband Jonny are very happy and looking forward to maintain this relationship with Laurie Kelly. Best regards, Ardini, June 2016

Jon Oliver
Investment Manager